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About MILOM casa
Founded in 2015, MILOM casa is the first whole-house system furniture brand in China. It integrates home storage systems, movable furniture products and life, art appliances, interior design services, and is committed to providing all customers with one-stop furniture services solution. MILOM casa has developed a modern and minimalist style of commercial home furnishing brand with original design in the market. It conforms to the development of the market, takes innovative and original design power as the source, integrates the global high-end brand resource chain, and self-developed in parallel with the world's famous products.

MILOM casa has established cooperation with more than 200 high-end home furnishing brands at home and abroad. The brands cover all categories of furniture, lighting, accessories, etc., and have selected the most representative and outstanding brands. From materials, design styles to brand qualifications, they are committed to serving China The family provides professional imported home solutions. At the same time, the brand has the channel advantage of entering high-end shopping malls in first- and second-tier cities, which enables MILOM casa to form a complete industrial ecological chain in product design, R&D and production, marketing and design services, and share a sustainable economy.

With Shenzhen as its core radiation, MILOM casa settles in multiple core business districts such as Red Star Macalline, Sixth Space, Baoneng First Space, etc., and is deployed in the first-line high-end market across the country. In the Internet model, the brand has an independent and mature self-media matrix operation, which simultaneously outputs brand ideas and lifestyle ideas.

City real estate cooperation:
MILOM casa has made exclusive real estate development and expansion plans for local urban properties, and established a special expansion team to establish long-term and in-depth cooperation with the top three real estate properties in the country (China Resources, Vanke, and China Merchants).

Designer cooperation:
MILOM casa uses the "full case design" service model to meet all the design needs of customers in model houses, villas, hotels, etc., and assist customers in decorating high-quality living spaces. We have the resources of well-known designers across the country, and have signed and cooperated with more than 50 design experts.

Headquarters professional team:
From shopping mall resource communication, exhibition hall drawing planning, rendering design, construction project follow-up, exhibition space display, sales/designer team training, big data platform maintenance, real estate development plan development, online self-media matrix promotion, advertising screen design, In various sectors such as urban marketing plan development, the brand headquarters has a professional team to provide special support for franchising and regional stores, and to provide customers with the highest quality brand service and experience.

If you recognize our brand strength and want to invest in the furniture industry and develop together with us, we look forward to contacting you!
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Team support
Team support
Create word-of-mouth merchants, soft and hard decoration, space design, merchant maintenance, merchant training, merchant technical support, and merchant management analysis.

With a mature technical team, MILOM casa provides support from the market, programs, promotion and support policies, etc.
To create high-quality merchants in various aspects of service content, so that different sectors have better leadership.
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